Posted by: katie | August 19, 2009

October 8th is our next meeting!

“How might teachers take charge and improve what goes on in schools? I have a simple answer. They must change the world. And when they ask how they could possibly change the world, I have another simple answer – a little bit at a time. I suggest they start in their own classroom.”

Frank Smith in The Book of Learning and Forgetting

Our next meeting is October 8th at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington. The meeting time is 4:30 – 5:30, but please feel free to arrive early and stay late.

We have chosen Frank Smith’s The Book of Learning and Forgetting as our next text to read and discuss. We will read this book and discuss the overarching question “What is education for?”. We will discuss the first two sections, I – What’s Going on Here? and II – The Classic View of Learning and Forgetting (pp. 1-40)  for our September meeting.

I look forward to seeing everyone in October. I think this book will give us lots to talk about, think about and be inspired from. I know several people may have already read this book – it’s a classic, for sure! I am looking forward to rereading it under today’s current educational climate. We felt that it is a timeless book that will give us much to discuss.



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